During the 2020 lock-down due to COVID-19, JeaniusBags joined the national volunteer workforce of sewists making Personal Protective Equipment for the NHS. As the commercial supply chain caught up with demand, the ScrubHub network stood down.

We have since switched to making face coverings for personal domestic use. These are double layer cotton, washable and reusable. This video advises on appropriate use:

In addition to face masks, we also offer Sanitiser Pouches (see below), Mask Pouches (for carrying your clean masks) and drawstring bags (for storing and laundering your used masks). We have deliberately run down our stocks of these items, but if you would like something made to order, please contact us.

Face Masks

Here are some of our first batches of face coverings for sale, priced at £8.00 each, plus P&P. Text embroidery can be added for an extra £1 per mask.

Masks for Singers

  • “Luke, I am your father”
  • “Are you my mummy?”
  • “Quack!!”

We’ve heard them all, but we don’t care – these masks enable us to sing together safely – in accordance with current guidelines and in a COVID-secure venue of course.

These masks have an insert of plastic canvas to hold the fabric well away from the face. This removes muffling, and makes singing so much easier. £10 each plus P&P.

Please note that the most effective means of preventing spread of COVID-19 is social distancing and good hand hygiene.


  • These are NOT medical grade face masks
  • Like all such face coverings, these are intended only to assist in preventing spread of COVID-19
  • These face coverings are NOT guaranteed in any way
  • These face coverings are worn at the user’s risk

Sanitiser Pouches

These cotton pouches are ideal for carrying small bottles of hand sanitiser, up to about 50ml. You can clip them inside your handbag, clip the to the outside of your bag, to the belt loops on your jeans, to a lanyard – or to anything else you care to think of! These pouches are also super for carrying your inhaler, reading glasses, doggy poo bags, miniature gin bottle, you name it!

These are priced at £8 each, plus P&P

Mask Pouches

These examples are in a lovely pink – but we have many different cotton prints in stock here (including Christmas themed!), so just drop us a line 🙂

NHS Scrubs

In the six weeks that we were sewing for the NHS, we made

  • 31 scrub tunics (ranging in size from S to XXXL)
  • 27 pairs of scrub trousers (ranging in size from S to XXXL)
  • 10 surgical gowns
  • 244 scrub laundry bags
  • 137 scrub hats

That’s a total of 449 items of PPE in just 6 weeks – averaging 75 items per week. Here are a few: