Festive Gift Ideas

Stuck for affordable ideas of ethical gifts to give that will be easy on the planet?Try some of these suggestions – sorted according to budget.

You can contact us for more information or to place order via the website or via Facebook. Alternatively, come and visit us at St Margaret’s Church House (Prestwich) on 32 November, Lady Wilton Hall (Simister) on 30 November, or at Ski Rossendale on 15 December.

Remember – we also have reusable giftwrap!

Under £20

Under £10

£5 and under



Father’s Day

Do your Dad’s pockets always bulge with wallet, keys, loose change, tissues and countless other “essentials” he cannot possibly leave the home without? Is he always after space in your Mum’s bag for her to carry his stuff for him? Is it time he had a bag of his own?

Father’s Day falls on June 16 this year. Don’t be caught out – order his Man Bag now!

Does your dad do the grocery shopping? how about a denim shopping bag that will last forever and help save the planet?

Does your Dad carry his coins in one of those little plastic bags you get from banks? These pyramid coin purses will do the job!

Have you bought your Dad a bottle of something tasty but need some ethical gift-wrap? How about one of these?

If it’s Dad’s job to walk the dog, how about a bag specifically designed for the purpose, with room for a roll of poo-bags, doggy treats, keys and wallet:

Not seen what you need? have a look at our Denim Collection and Tech Bags for more inspiration!


Why do items labelled “Handcrafted” cost so much?

Although few people are direct enough to explicitly ask this question, many do so through raising their eyebrows, quickly replacing the item they were holding, and walking away muttering about how the fabrics don’t cost anything near that amount.

Well, it’s not just about the fabrics you can see, although of course they need to be factored in! Bags and wallets usually need for more of the lining fabric than you might think, especially if pockets or credit card slots are involved. The exterior and lining fabric pieces each needs to be interfaced, and between the inner and outer layers there is often a stabiliser to give your bag structure.

Sometimes I make bags to my own design, but more often I make (or base my bags on) patterns designed and drafted by professional designers.

This week I made a Necessary Clutch Wallet (NCW). The pattern was designed by Janelle MacKay of Emmaline Bags, and the process began by actually purchasing the pattern pieces. Next was the task of choosing appropriate fabrics for the purse – in terms of colour, weight, texture, and blend. This took longer than you might think. After that it I had to cut the outer fabric, lining pieces, interfacing and stabiliser pieces, fuse then all together, and select appropriate clasps and zips. That done, I was ready to begin construction, Here are a couple of videos to illustrate the process:


Mothering Sunday

This year, Mothering Sunday falls on 31 March, and it will be with us before we know it! Are you ready? Here at JeaniusBags we have simple gives for much loved mothers (and grandmothers!) to suit pocket-money budgets.

Have a look at these examples – please remember that all prices exclude P&P.

Up to £20

Classy Cool Clutch Bags – £20

Zip N Go laptop bag – £20

Roma toiletry bag – £18

Ruffled and Ready kiss-clasp bag – £12

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Up to to £10

Covered notebook – £10

Denim totes – £10

Denim Sling Bag – £10

Groovy Glasses cases – £8

Cross-body Denim pocket bags – £8

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Up to £5

Shopping totes – £5

Zippered ID Purses – £5

Drawstring bags – £4

Makeup bags – £4

Pyramid Pouch – £4

Pencil cases – £4

Card holders – £3

Produce bags – £3

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Stuck for Gift Wrap ideas? Check these out!

Bottle bags – £4

Large gift bag – £5

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Please visit our website to see our full range of bags!

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Have Yourself an Eco Little Christmas

When I was little, Christmas morning – particularly unwrapping gifts – was a very orderly affair. We were under orders to carefully peel off the sellotape and leave the paper intact so that my mum could iron it and reuse it the following year.

How times have changed. These days more gifts are given, all are individually wrapped, and the paper is ripped off. The crumpled shred of torn paper are scrunched up and thrown on the wood-burner. After all, it can’t be recycled – the paper is full of metallics and plastics for the sheen, and to prevent accidental ripping before the Big Day.

This bothers me. Such a waste of natural resources, chemical printing processes, transport (to get the paper from the factories to the shops), our money, and our time in cutting, sticking and wrapping. And for what? To make a nice display under the Christmas tree, and keep the contents an eagerly anticipated secret.

There has to be a better way.

And now there is! Utterly reusable, these Christmas wrap gift bags will make your gifts look lovely under the tree and save you so much time and money. Take a look at the full range here.

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